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Miami welcomes more airlines than any other US airport

Avianca Brasil touched down for the first time at Miami airport this week (wk 26) with its new A330-200 aircraft. The Floridian facility is its second destination outside South America, and Avianca became the 106th airline to land in Miami, making it the US airport with the most carriers.


"We are honoured that Avianca Brasil chose to expand its operations at MIA," said Miami-Dade aviation director Emilio T. González. "While we continue to pursue routes in untapped regions across the globe, we are also working to strengthen air service in our stronghold areas of Latin America and the Caribbean."


Frederico Pedreira, Avianca Brasil president: "We decided to launch long-haul operations because we understand there are good business opportunities." This summer, Avianca Brasil will launch a São Paulo – Santiago route. (ah)




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