• Molo VII feels the breeze.


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More boxes going via Trieste

The port of Trieste is experiencing an upswing, not least due to the expansion of the rail connections in the hinterland. The container terminal of the port, Trieste Marine Terminal is also booming: it handled almost 688,700 teu in 2019. This means that the previous year's figure was exceeded by 10%. This is a historic milestone for the container terminal.


The Trieste Marine Terminal or Molo VII (Pier VII) is currently the only specialised container terminal operator in Trieste. More than 400 trains a month link Trieste to the manufacturing and industrial areas of North-East Italy and Central Europe, with different destinations, such as Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


The port of Trieste has an internal rail network (70 km of track) that connects with the national and international network. This system allows the docks to be served by rail with the possibility of shunting and/or assembling freight trains on site in the various terminals. (mw)




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