• Niels H. Burkhard, Arcuba


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New brand for Swiss headhunting and HR company

Mohler Burkhard Partner has changed its name to Arcuba Partner. The company, which wants to stress its international expansion in the field of HR and headhunting, was founded as recruitment und HR company in Switzerland in 2014.


Kenneth Ruesch, senior partner, explained the origin of the new brand Arcuba: “We decided to link our brand identity to a well-known symbol of Swiss precision and tradition, the crossbow, also known as arbalest or arcubalista in Latin."


"The company has grown considerably since it was founded, and the number of partners in Switzerland, as well as international collaboration partners in Europe and North America, has increased," added senior partner Niels H. Burkhard.


Since early 2017, the company has been organizing leadership training courses for women in Switzerland in cooperation with the US-based Impact Group. (cd)




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