• The logistics centre in Driedorf will be built in a similar way to the one in Herford. Photo: trans-o-flex


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New facility for pharmaceuticals

The Trans-o-flex logistics group is planning to open a new logistics centre in Driedorf (Germany), in order to sort and transport pharmaceuticals and other sensitive and high-quality goods more quickly, ecologically and economically.


Construction work is due to start in Q4/2019, and operations will begin a year later. Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of Trans-o-flex, said: "We chose the Driedorf site because it is ideally located for our two networks, Trans-o-flex Express and Trans-o-flex ThermoMed."


The sorting centre will be equipped with its own solar power system. Albeck explained: "We can use the solar power we generate to operate the fully automatic sorting plant, to control the temperature in vehicles' cargo spaces before loading or to charge electric vehicles' batteries." (mw)




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