• The new centre provides twice as much space. Photo: UPS


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New logistics centre for wine export

France exported wine worth EUR 8.7 billion last year. A large amount of the product came from the Burgundy region. In order to improve wine export logistics, the US integrator UPS has opened a new logistics platform in Nuits-Saint-Georges, near Dijon.


The centre, located between Paris and Lyon, offers 3,300 sqm of space, double that of the old facility.


Laurent Wuattier from UPS France remarked: "The new centre is dedicated to wine and we want to offer “made to measure” services to clients.”


The investment in Dijon is part of UPS’s series of new platform openings in France. This year, a new sorting centre in Corbeil-Essonnes/Evry will go into service; last year UPS inaugurated new premises in Montpellier und Paris. (mw)




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