• The new facility in Tilburg. Photo: Broekman


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New warehouse in Tilburg

Broekman Logistics has opened a new 26,000 sqm warehouse that is suitable for storing general merchandise near the barge terminal in Tilburg. A third of the site’s capacity is equipped for storing hazardous goods The move follows on from the company’s recent expansion on the Maasvlakte (Rotterdam) and in Venlo (all Netherlands), which form part of the service provider’s growth strategy, and takes its overall warehouse capacity in the Netherlands to over 310,000 sqm.


On another front, the company has a new concept named Blue4C. Blue stands for Broekman Logistics unlocking Europe, and 4C is short for coordinates, combination, customised & compliant.


With the new concept, Broekman addresses four recent trends: shifting modalities, rising product-market combinations that require different warehouses, changing safety standards, and the globalisation of production and logistics. (mw)




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