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[Translate to Deutsch:] Nexxiot and Unilode launch joint digitisation project

[Translate to Deutsch:] Nexxiot, a Switzerland-based enabler of the digitised supply chain, is now an official partner of Unilode Aviation Solutions. The aim of this cooperation is to implement a globally unique project: the entire fleet of Unilode's ULDs (125,000) is to be equipped with Bluetooth sensors within the next 18 months.


The data will then be processed, analysed and made available by Nexxiot for Unilode. As the partners point out, this enables continuous, automated tracking of ULDs both on the ground and in the air for the first time anywhere in the world.


In addition, Nexxiot has developed a neutral user interface for Unilode where customers can view the data of their ULDs and use various services such as ULD location, temperature, shock, light and humidity measurement as well as inflight tracking. (ah)




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