• Shipment for private customer. Photo: trans-o-flex


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Novel solution for private deliveries

This month (September) saw the launch of a new private delivery solution. It is offered by Trans-o-flex Express, a German provider of logistic solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer electronics industries.


The company's CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck says: "This B2C product enables us to meet growing demand for residential deliveries. 2C shipment numbers in our system are increasing and they need special handling.”


The new Trans-o-flex service will take the special conditions of B2C shipments into account: There are no fixed hours during which deliveries can be made and private recipients are often not at home when their shipments arrive. 


“In the future, customers will be able to mark a shipment as a private delivery already during data transmission," Albeck explained. “That shipment will then be automatically invoiced with the amount agreed for private recipients." (mw)




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