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Open today: IAG Cargo flies loans to British Museum

IAG Cargo is the logistics partner for the BP exhibition "I am Ashurbanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria", which is being held at the British Museum from today (8 November), until 24 February 2019.


The carrier transported a number of important loans from museums across Europe. The exhibition marks another chapter in the partnership between IAG Cargo and the British Museum, with the carrier supporting the BP exhibition Indigenous Australia: enduring civilisation in 2015 and South Africa: the art of a nation in 2016 (see ITJ 47-48/2016, p. 38).


IAG Cargo CEO Lynne Embleton: "The extraordinary Assyrian collection dates as far back as 7th century BC and it’s the responsibility of our 'Secure' product team to ensure these important objects and artworks arrive safely in London." (ah)


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