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Operational changes in Finland-China Container traffic

The Finnish companies Uny Trade Oy and Kouvola Cargo Handling (KCH) have decided to intensify their partnership. According to a joint press release, Uny Trade’s COO, Jari Grönlund, has left the company and for this reason KCH is playing a bigger role in handling operations connected to the Kouvola (Finland)-Xi’an (China) container train route.


This year, the last train departs from Kouvola for Xi’an on 14 December 2017. In 2018, the service providers plan to offer two departures from both Kouvola and Xi’an every two weeks.


KCH has years of experience in handling rail traffic to/from Russia and the CIS. Uny Trade is still the official representative of KTZ Express (Kazakhstan Railways) in Finland. (ben)




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