• The Apache system on the ceiling. Photo: AKL-tec


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Putting an end to false freight data

Universal Express, a Ziegler Group member with locations in Aalst, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Brussels airport, frequently transports all types of cargo – from euro pallets to large consignments measuring up to 5 m – from Belgium to France and elsewhere.


The items are often very different, and even though their measurements are provided by their shippers, the figures are sometimes incorrect. False values can have temporal and monetary consequences if the data is used for planning cargo and routes.


To combat this, Universal Express has installed AKL-tec’s multi-dimensional measurement system Apache on the ceiling of its platform in Aalst. When a forklift driver places a shipment under the Apache, the device automatically scans the goods and records their exact size. This, in turn, enables Universal Express to load trucks more efficiently, thus saving costs, protecting the environment and preventing disputes with customers. (mw)




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