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Rhine terminal doubles capacity

Over a two year period, the intermodal operator Contargo has added 52,000 sqm to the north and south zones of its terminal in Neuss, near Dusseldorf (Germany), without stopping operations.


The facility, which now has a total surface area of about 84,000 sqm, has received new equipment including two cranes that take the overall number of container cranes to five. The rail track has been lengthened to 1,400 m so that two trains can be loaded/unloaded simultaneously.


In addition, a new administration building and a new shipping hall have been constructed. The annual handling capacity of the terminal has been doubled to 200,000 containers.


The extension was a prerequisite for the future use of Neuss as the Contargo group’s hub for the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Because of long waiting times for river barges in those two ports, Contargo has decided not to call at the largest port terminals for the time being. This speeds up the rotation of inland waterway services. (kd)




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