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Roll-out of first B787-9

The US airframe manufacturer Boeing has completed the first B787-9 Dreamliner. The second member of the B787 family rolled out of the Everett WA, factory 24 August, to the flight line, where teams are preparing it to fly later this summer.

At 6 m longer than the B787-8, the B787-9 will extend the B787 family in both capacity and range, offering 31 cbm hold space more than the B787-8 and an additional 300 nautical miles (555 km). The B787-9 leverages the design of the B787-8 such as its environmental performance - 20% less fuel use and 20% fewer emissions than similarly sized airplanes.

With the second and third airplanes in final assembly, Boeing and the B787-9 are on track. The first delivery to launch customer Air New Zealand is set for mid-2014.


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