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Ruslan moves giant rotor from China to Lithuania

Ruslan International has arranged the transport of a giant rotor from Chengdu, (China) to Šiauliai (Lithuania) on board one of the 17 Antonov AN-124s which it manages for its shareholders Antonov Company and Volga Dnepr Airlines.

The load – which weighed a total of 116,800 kg with its specially-constructed cradle and the necessary loading equipment – was close to the maximum payload for the aircraft, and was one of the heaviest loads carried on an AN-124 between China and Europe. The aircraft was routed through Urumqui (China) and Aktyuinsk (Kazakhstan).

At 1,433 cm long, 451 cm wide and 388 cm high, the rotor was also a close fit in the aircraft’s main cargo cabin. Two mobile cranes were required to position the cargo on the loading track, for winching on board the aircraft.


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