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Saint Nicholas and the Gypsy Girl

Today (6 December) is the day to honour St. Nicholas of Myra (now Demre). And a place some 1,000 km east of his home town in Turkey is also in the headlines at present.


The missing pieces of the Gypsy Girl mosaic, part of the Zeugma mosaics from the second century BC and part of Turkey's historical heritage, have just been flown home from the USA by Turkish Airlines.


Stolen 47 years ago and recently displayed in Ohio (USA), the pieces of the precious artefact was conveyed from Chicago to Istanbul, and are on their way to the museum in Gaziantep where the Zeugma Mosaics are on display.


The missing pieces, weighing 1.3 t in all, were wrapped in specially-designed paper and stowed inside wooden chests for the flight. They were the only cargo in the B777-300ER. (ah)




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