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Seaintel: global liner performance declines further

According to Seaintel’s global liner performance report for February 2014, the global schedule reliability declined by another 3.5 percentage points from December to January to a new record-low 70% in January 2014, compared to 73.5% in December 2013.  


Seaintel's COO and partner, Alan Murphy, said that the continued drop in performance was concerning for both shippers and carriers. However, the poor performance in January did not come as a big surprise, as the winter slack season is often poor because of harsh weather and the carriers using the slack season to restructure their services, with disruptions as a result.


January proved troublesome for many US east coast ports which had to be closed due to winter storms. This led to congestion and service delays making a strong impact on carriers’ schedule reliability in January, Murphy added. Furthermore, the strike by port workers in Chile and delays in some Chinese ports also had a negative effect on the result.