• Above: François Verhaart and Lars Syberg; Below: Ragnar Dalen, and Izabella Szőcs (Photos: SGL).


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Shopping tour continues

Scan Global Logistics (SGL) has acquired Gelders Forwarding in the Netherlands and Advection Logistics in Hungary, adding the latest green marks to its list. Forwarding (Gelders) is an air and ocean forwarder meant to scale SGL's airfreight services and enhance its presence in the technology sector.


Meanwhile, Advection Logistics (Advection), a full-service logistics provider, is to become SGL’s first office in Hungary and provide a foothold in the region.


It's less than a week since SGL acquired Sea-Air Logistics in Hong Kong. The MDs of the respective companies, Izabella Szőcs, Advection, and François Verhaart, Gelders, will stay on board. (sh)




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