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Slower growing Germany retains pilot seat in aviation market

The latest Global Market Forecast (GMF), published by Airbus during the current Berlin Air Show, reveals that the fleet of aircraft serving Germany will grow by 80% from 1,013 aircraft at present to 1,821 over the next 20 years (2013-2032). This fleet is expected to consist of 1,338 single-aisle, 386 twin-aisle and 97 very large aircraft (VLAs).


Demand in Europe for 5,950 new passenger and freighter aircraft with a market value of USD 803 billion represents 20% of world-wide demand (North America at 20% and Latin America at 8%). This compares to emerging markets where growth is stronger such as in the Asia-Pacific region which accounts for 38% of the global demand.


"Germany is the fifth largest aviation market in the world and will continue its upward trend, but its growth is less than the world average," said John Leahy, Airbus chief operating officer customers. "With German airport infrastructure being constrained we see the need for bigger, quieter and more eco-efficient aircraft as confirmed by the number of VLA's increasing by five times from today’s 21 to almost 100 aircraft by 2032."



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