• From left: Frank Kracht (Sassnitz), Harm Sievers (CEO Mukran Port) and Christian Pegel (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Photo: Mukran Port


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Swift unloading from ship to train

Mukran port, Germany’s easternmost deep water port, has inaugurated a new, EUR 1.17 million rail track 66. The extended track is now 350 m long and runs from existing facilities right up to the berth 5a quayside. This provides other berths with a direct rail link.


In addition, the quayside track ensures that ship-to-train discharging and train-to-ship loading procedures are faster and more flexible. The rail network has been modified so that trains can be unloaded without the need for marshalling work.


The port railway, Baltic Port Rail Mukran, takes charge of the trains and runs them to the quayside. (ben)




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