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Three "C" for contactless tracking

Champ Cargosystems partners with e-logistics solutions provider Cargosoft and Central Global Cargo (CGC), a time-critical logistics company, to co-create a first/last mile tracking tool to help forwarders to better manage their operations.


The aim is to ensure full and real-time tracking of the supply chain from end-to-end. The services work in tandem with "Traxon Premium Tracking" and "Shipply.Truck" to provide QR codes to collect time, date, geolocation and images of an event – feeding back to the forwarder's transport management system via an API.


CGC CEO Theo Buergel: "With this automated technology, we have added visibility for our shipments and can minimize false data due to human error. We have calculated a time savings for operational staff averaging 5 minutes and 15 seconds per shipment." (ah)




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