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Tonnages make a big jump again - yields not yet

The latest preliminary figures from World ACD Market Data reveal a strong post-holiday season recovery of global air cargo tonnages in the second week of 2023. The 19% upswing is delayed compared with last year, when tonnages had already begun to recover by the end of the first week.


However, when combining the first two weeks of 2023, the recovery is similar in magnitude to 2022. Comparing weeks 1 and 2 with the preceding two weeks (2Wo2W), tonnages decreased -8% below their combined total in weeks 51 and 52, with a +3% increase in capacity, while average worldwide rates declined -1%.


Worldwide rates are currently -25% below their unusually elevated levels this time last year at an average of USD 3.06 per kg in week 2, but they remain significantly above pre-Covid levels. (ah)




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