• Photo: Riedl


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Twelve days and 9,500 km through six countries

Ensuring the safe, cost-effective and speedy transport of valuable and heavy cargo from its manufacturer in Germany to its recipient in China in times of Covid-19 turned out to be an adventure even for the experienced heavy duty forwarder Rolf Riedl.


Since neither ship nor train could meet the time and cost requirements, road haulage over 9,500 km was the only suitable option.


So, guided by GPS, the two drivers transported the cargo in twelve days pure driving time through Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan to China, while the back office managed all customs clearance procedures and the loading of the cargo onto a Chinese truck at the border of the People’s Republic.


Finally, the specialists delivered the goods safely, punctually and at optimised costs to their destination. Mission accomplished: sometimes, the seemingly most uncomfortable route is still the best. (ben)




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