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Ulf Inzelmann celebrates 25 years with Umco

Ulf Inzelmann, the CEO of Umco Umwelt Consult GmbH is celebrating 25 years with the company today (11 September 2014). Founded in 1982 and still owner-managed, Umco is a medium-sized firm that provides consulting services worldwide to almost 1,000 companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and logistics fields.


As the representative of the board of management, Inzelmann is responsible for the company's strategic development, marketing and sales and leading its international network of consultants - the Global Chemical Consultant Network (GCCN).


At the beginning of his career with Umco, Inzelmann was tasked with expanding its consulting activities and their marketing. His work has focused on issues and the regulatory climate surrounding the transport of dangerous goods, and he gained certification as a dangerous goods expert and trainer. Inzelmann is a member of numerous industry boards and committees, including the German Paint Association (VdL). (elg)



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