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05.07.2024 Von: Mantra Kumar

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Unicef and DSV: crisis collaboration

DSV is providing Unicef with logistics and supply chain services to support the organisation with the delivery of emergency supplies. The logistics provider announced on 24 June that it would be partnering up with Unicef amidst vulnerable supply chains, especially on the global scale.


“This new partnership with DSV targets these vulnerabilities to ensure the rapid deployment of essential supplies,” says Unicef director of private fundraising and partnerships, Carla Haddad Mardini.


Focusing on Latin America, DSV will be providing in-kind flight services and shipping supplies within 72 hours following a crisis. Unicef can thus mobilise resources and get them to remote areas.


This partnership builds on previous collaborations, such as in 2020 for the distribution of anti-Covid vaccines and in 2023 following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. (mk)




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