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UPS driver sets record: 55 years without accident

UPS driver Tom Camp has achieved what no other driver in the company has ever done – 55 years behind the wheel of a brown delivery truck without an accident.


In that time Camp drove over a million miles – the equivalent of two round-trips to the moon, or 40 trips around the equator. 77 year-old Camp, who began his career with UPS in 1962, delivering goods in suburban Detroit MI (USA), credits his training and a healthy dose of caution for his remarkable record.


At a company with a long history of records, Camp’s stands alone. Only one other driver has eclipsed the 50 year mark – Ron Sowder of Dayton OH (USA), who had 50 accident-free years upon his retirement in 2012.


Sowder and Camp are the only two drivers who have earned the distinction of wearing the number "50" on their uniform patch. (ah)


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