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US cargo airlines continue upswing

Totalling 1,709,000 t, US airlines carried 4% more cargo by weight in July 2021 (preliminary figures) than in July 2020 and 4.2% more than in June 2021.


The rise was fuelled by gains of 1.1% in domestic cargo (1,249,000 t) and 12.9% in international cargo (461,0000 t), according to data filed with the bureau of transportation statistics (BTS) by 15 of the USA's major cargo airlines.


This was the 15th month in a row of total weight growth: starting in May 2020, the monthly volume of freight and mail carried by US airlines was higher than the same month the year before.


Concerning domestic traffic, growth is even uninterrupted since before the pandemic (since December 2019), while international cargo contracted in June 2020 for the last time. (ah)




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