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Vienna celebrates 100 years of airmail services

Vienna was a global aviation pioneer: 100 years ago – in March 1918 – the world’s first airmail service was launched from the Aspern airfield in the Austrian capital. Every day, letters were flown some 1,200 km from Vienna to Krakow, Lviv, Khmelnytskyi (formerly Proskuriv), and Kiev and vice versa.


To mark the centenary, Vienna international airport has created a comprehensive exhibition that opens today (16 May 2018).


Visitors can see postcards, stamps and envelopes from the era, as well as illustrations of old aircraft and even building instructions for the Etrich Taube, a pre-World War I monoplane aircraft. As one of the highlights, visitors can send commemorative postcards and special Austrian Post stamps - both created for exhibition.  (ah)


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