Heavylift / Breakbulk

  • Two cranes lifted the cable reel directly onto the ship.

08.03.2019 By: Marco Wölfli

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A reliable Perth veteran

Two heavylift consignments were shipped to Southeast Asia from the Austra­lian port of Fremantle recently. Specialists from Sadleirs were in charge of organising the tasks, transporting a cable reel and parts of a decommissioned submarine.


The logistics service firm Sadleirs is one of the oldest family enterprises in Australia still in business; it is celebrating its 190th anniversary this year. In the 19th century Sadleirs was primarily active in the Fremantle area, deploying horse-drawn carriages, amongst other things. In the meantime its portfolio and radius of action have expanded considerably, of course. Two heavylift projects recently carried out by the Perth-based company bear witness to this.



Short delay on account of an oil spill

One order involved the company transporting a 56 t cable reel from Fremantle, on the Australian west coast, to the port of Tanjung Langsat (Malaysia). Initially the team planned to install the reel on a ship using two cranes. This had to be changed at the last minute, however, because another uninvolved ship lost oil in the port, which resulted in a part of the hub then having to be closed for the concomitant clean-up work. Sadleirs therefore transported the 8.6 m wide cable reel along the quay to the ship’s new location, where the cargo could be loaded directly. The maritime journey to the Strait of Johor then proceeded as planned.


A second recent project saw Sadleirs in charge of transporting a consignment to Singapore. The cargo consisted of eight parts of a decommissioned submarine. The Australian corporation coordinated the loading of several elements, which together weighed a total of around 44 t. The entire cargo weighed about 280 t and had a volume of no less than 1,420 cbm. In cooperation with its partners Sadleirs ensured that the submarine parts reached Singapore safely.


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