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  • Bertling’s specialists loading a large consignment into an An-124.

30.01.2015 By: Andreas Haug

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Efacec delivers to Edesur

The Portuguese energy firm Efacec, which was founded in 1948 and which operates in 65 countries, recently had oversized transformers flown to Edesur in Argentina by the freight forwarder Bertling. The company deployed Antonov An-124-100s for the job.

Antonov Airlines teamed up recently with the Texan office of the heavylift forwarding specialist Bertling, whose headquarters are in Hamburg (Germany). Together they shipped three power sub-stations from Portugal to Argentina.


The project, which consisted of transporting nine extremely large transformers, called for three Antonov An-124-100 flights between Porto, in northern Portugal, and the Argentinian capital ­Buenos Aires. The high-profile task required the specialists working for the airline as well as Bertling’s experts to liaise successfully in their effort to ensure smooth operations.


The sub-stations that were flown thousands of kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean were loaded at the manufacturer Efacec’s plant in Portugal, and unloaded at end user Edesur’s facility in Argentina. They were handled in accordance with the stakeholders’ stipulations.


Ticked all the boxes

Antonov’s commercial director Valery Kubalka told the media that «the Anto­nov An-124-100 has once again proved its value and its overall versatility in serving the needs of one of the most sensitive and demanding industries in the global economy.» He added that it had been a pleasure working with corporate partner Bertling Logistics, whose technical expertise and focus on the task at hand had made the operation all the easier.




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