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  • The transport took up a lot of space on the roads.

20.09.2019 By: Marco Wölfli

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Gold and other assets

If you want to get precious gold out of the earth, then you need the right equipment. Bolloré Transport & Logistics transported some such equipment from the coast of Ghana to the hinterland of Bukina Faso on behalf of the firm West African Resources.


The gold exploration corporation West Afri­can Resources (WAF) has big plans in Burkina Faso. The Sanbrado gold mining project is currently in the making 90 km east of the capital Ouagadougou. From summer 2020 onwards WAF plans to extract around 200,000 ounces of gold a year from the ground there, covering an area of approximately 116 sqkm. Until the gold mining activities can commence operations, however, various preliminary works have to be carried out and material needs to be procured.



1,000 km through West Africa

This summer Bolloré Transport & Logistics was put in charge of carrying out such a demanding transport. Its national branches in Ghana and Burkina Faso joined forces for this task. The equipment for the gold mine comprised 13 consignments weighing a total of 126 t, with the largest of them almost 8 m long, 6 m wide as well as 4.2 m high.


The entire cargo was loaded onto five trucks that set off from the Ghanaian coast and headed north. After eight days the truck convoy had covered the best part of 1,000 km, and had reached the site where the Sanbrado mine is located.


Thanks to the good planning of the transport task at hand the unloading of the cargo by Bolloré’s mining specialists went off without a hitch.


This spells good news for future projects. According to a Sanbrado mine manager the further delivery of equipment to Ghana is already on the drawing board. Bolloré will again be in charge of transports to Burkina Faso.