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12.12.2014 By: Jutta Iten

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New wind project being tested in the open sea

The SAL vessel «Lone» has been fitted with complete DP2 dynamic positioning equipment.

In October 2014 SAL completed its first operation in the offshore wind sector in the Baltic Sea. The task related to Ger­many’s Wikinger offshore wind farm, which was developed by the Spanish ener­gy company Iberdrola. The firm commissioned the engineering and service group Bilfinger to test the steel foundations to be used in the project.


Residential quarters included

A total of 70 wind turbines are set to be installed northeast of the island of Rügen, at water depths of up to 42 m, from the year 2016 onwards. The contract for the production, installation and testing of several test pillars is worth approximately EUR 20 million. Bilfinger chartered the SAL Heavy Lift shop Lone as its transport and installation platform for the project.

To begin with the special vessel was prepared for the task. Apart from addi­tional equipment, residential quarters for 75 people were installed, for instance. The Lone then transported the equipment. At the same time, the ship was used for the installation of the trial pillars. These ­tested the design of the foundations of the wind farm, in other words the capa­city of the pillars as regards static, dynamic and cyclical loads.


Two phases

The tests consist of two phases. In the first phase, which has been completed, three pillars, each weighing up to 50 t and with a length of 35 m, were driven into the sea floor, at a depth of around 40 m below sea level, at three separate locations. SAL Heavy Lift will return to the project location with the Lone in December for the second phase.

The technical planning of the processes on board the ship was carried out by SAL’s engineering departments, based in Delft and Hamburg, and in close collaboration with Bilfinger. The offshore work was carried out by Bilfinger employees, together with SAL crews.      




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