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  • BWS banks on local experts in Mariupol.

28.02.2014 By: Antje Veregge

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Oil drilling equipment on the Don

Blue Water Shipping specialises in the transportation of extraordinary loads. However, the mandate to haul drilling equipment from Singapore through Russia’s inland waterway system to Ukraine is of great interest even for old hands in the business.

The international logistics and transport provider Blue Water Shipping has been mandated to carry equipment for a semi-submersible oil drilling platform. The transport begins in Singapore, from where four lower platform columns weighing 288 t each, four upper columns weighing 511 t each and four bracings weighing 125 t each will be transported to Mariupol (Ukraine). The final destination of the consignments is Baku (Azerbaijan).


Jason Goh, Blue Water’s regional managing director for the Asia/Pacific area, explained that his company is «planning to carry the task out by shipping the goods through Russia’s Volga-Don river system,» quickly adding that «this method is particularly challenging.» In addition to the actual transportation itself, other assignments connected to the project must be solved to make the undertaking a success.


There is more to this project than chartering heavylift vessels, river barges and tugs to move the equipment, the manager elaborated. Planning river permission applications, which are compulsory if you want to use the rivers for transport, is an important part of the overall organisational tasks. «The fact that we have to communicate across several different cultures shows that a project like this requires exactly the right specialists and experts,» Goh said. The important local specialists on the team ensure that the differences do not become hurdles.    





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