Heavylift / Breakbulk

  • The cargo (nearly 115 t), was moved right across Germany.

28.02.2014 By: Andreas Haug

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«Parking makes them more nervous»

Big Move, a pan-European heavylift logistics network, recently faced a demanding task. Two components of a gantry crane – each of which was 34 m long, 5.8 m wide and 4.35 m high – had to be transported from Köthen to Differdange. The dead weight of the protruding metal constructions was 74 t each.

Transport adapters designed by Big Move member Gutmann were individually adjusted specifically for this transport task, and involved both a dolly and a trailer axle. In addition, an interim adapter, which was produced specifically for these gantry crane components by the customer, was integrated, because the individual overall construction not only had to ensure perfect stability, but also optimally-defined flexibility.


The adapters were anchored on the dolly and trailer axle to support the steering of the trailer axle, regardless of the tractor engine and dolly. This allowed the company to create a towing system that transported the oversized freight, figuratively speaking, between two internally rotating huge claws. However, they were not allowed to lose any power at any point of twisting.


The second part of the challenge was in arranging the route for the massive transport. But the various manoeuvres over the total distance of 700 km were eventually mastered, also thanks to precise advance on-site verification.


Finally, the operator had to reverse his 56 m unit into a narrow side road, in order to reach the final stretch just before Differdange in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. «Such manoeuvres are usually carried out calmly and clearly by our professionals,» said Marlo Gutmann, managing director of the Gutmann heavylift logistics team, on completion of the transport. «They’re usually more nervous if they’re sitting next to their wives when they’re parking the car.»






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