A crane for Serbian coal EPC

get link R & B Global Projects is busy with a multi-faceted transport project in support of ­Serbian energy production. It has been tasked with shifting a huge dismantled ­crawler crane to a coal basin near Belgrade.  more


Crushers to Kazakhstan Mining

Companies that work in the heavylift logistics field are often faced with major challenges. One difficulty arises from a frequent need to transfer a weighty consignment from the vehicles deployed for a preliminary overland leg to a vessel for a waterborne stage and then back to...  more


Belgium to Peru Mining

click Tuscor Lloyds, a British forwarding and heavylift specialist based in Manchester, recently completed the complex transportation of mining equipment material from Belgium to Peru.  more


Worth its weight in gold Mining

The transportation of mining equipment is of crucial importance for the economic development Kazakhstan, which is rich in raw materials (see the article on page 35 of the main issue, ITJ 49-52/2013). Globalink recently transported Chinese tools for a gold mine.  more


Lüderitz again proves its worth Energy

The number of heavylift and project cargo transport tasks destined for the Namibian ports of Walvis Bay and Lüderitz, from where they are on-forwarded to surrounding mines, has risen steadily recently. Many tasks are carried out by the Manica Group.  more


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