Change is a constant Reflections

 There has been no end to takeovers and staff changes in companies in the heavylift sector recently. Difficult market conditions is just one of the parameters ruling the roost. In many a company the founding generation is handing the sceptre over to its successors, whilst others...  more


New opportunities Reflections

Latin America is on the rise again. In a recent conversation Sebastián Zalaya, the ­man­aging director of the Argentinian enterprise Plate Trade, elaborated on how he as a project cargo logistician assesses the opportunities in his steadily liberalising country.  more


Experienced hand for TGP Reflections

A recent double-barrelled change saw Joerg Roehl, who previously served Hansa Heavy Lift for five years, don two caps for the future. He will head Natco Switzerland, and simultaneously be in charge of the pan-European business of Natco’s international parent company, the Trans...  more


Adding fuel to the flame Reflections

source Recently, some hot news made the headlines. Various respectable sources, both from the general media and our industry, claimed that the US Geological Survey (USGS) had made the largest oil and gas discovery in the United States ever.   more


The same standard worldwide Reflections

The sites a company selects for business can ensure it enjoys substantial advantages in today’s arena for the awarding of projects. A relocation nevertheless has to simultaneously include an ascertainable standard of quality for customers. Peter van Nieuwkasteele explains how...  more


In his own element Reflections

He could not stay away for a whole year. Many players in the industry have discovered that establishing a firm, nurturing it for 33 years and guiding its fortunes for a long period of time is actually the work of a lifetime. Lars Rolner, who helped to fashion SAL Heavy Lift,...  more


Reshuffling the top ten Reflections

One superlative usually chases down the last one when it comes to multipurpose, project and heavylift consignments. Though shipments are getting ever bigger, higher and heavier, the actively-operated fleet has actually shrunk slightly in the past months. The Dutch analyst...  more


Nothing ventured, nothing gained Reflections

source Ocean Five is a company that does not really fit into any category. In addition to broking activities the Singapore-based boutique works as an agent for Varamar, as well as offering a wide range of services for the heavylift and project cargo sector. That is not the end of the...  more


Well-placed in the world Reflections

The honeymoon is over – after three years. When Hansa Heavy Lift entered the market in 2011 there was quite a bit of scepticism as to whether the start-up firm would be able to find its niche and gain a foothold in the market. In the meantime it has established itself as one of...  more


«Where is the next challenge?» Reflections

The Hamburg-based Coli group is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Even in the present difficult market conditions it is showing no signs of a mid-life crisis though. On the contrary, as CEO Herbert Lösing explained to ITJ deputy editor-in-chief Antje Veregge, the...  more

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