• Narrow Aisle managing director John Maguire. Photo: Narrow Aisle


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10,000th Flexi truck leaves the factory

Narrow Aisle has produced its 10,000th Flexi warehouse truck. The landmark machine is a Flexi Acion - the company’s latest model. It was specifically designed for a third party logistics (3PL) services company and will be deployed at a warehousing operation near Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia.


Narrow Aisle managing director, John Maguire, commented: “The production of the 10,000th Flexi VNA warehouse truck is a significant milestone in the history of our company. Since Narrow Aisle pioneered the concept of articulated warehouse trucks, articulated VNA technology has come squarely into the intralogistics solutions mainstream."


The Flexi Acion collection with all drive, hydraulic and power-steering motor functions controlled digitally is described as a ‘tour de force’ in articulated lift truck technology. Full digital control means that all models are energy efficient: regenerative energy produced every time the truck’s mast is raised or lowered, as well as during forward and reverse travel and by movement of the steering wheel, feeds back to the battery. (mw)




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