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14th Emerging Markets Index: stability and upheaval

The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index for 2023 has just been published. Now in its 14th edition, the Index ranks countries for their logistics competitiveness based on their logistics strengths, business climates and digital readiness.


In this year's rankings, China and India, the world’s two largest countries, held their places at No. 1 and 2. UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Mexico, and Vietnam rounded off the top 10. Turkey, No. 10 in 2022, dropped to 11th.


China and India were tops for domestic and international logistics. India jumped up four places to No. 1 in digital readiness, followed by UAE, China, Malaysia, and Qatar. According to the Index, Arabian Gulf countries - UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Oman - again offered the best business conditions.


Malaysia, with the 4th best environment for business, was the only non-Gulf country in the top five. South Africa (No. 24) and Kenya (No. 25) were the best-placed countries from Sub-Saharan Africa. Armed conflicts, sanctions, political tumult, and economic mismanagement damaged the competitiveness of Ukraine, Iran, Russia, Colombia, Paraguay, and others. (sh)




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