• Lübeck lands significant RoRo contract (c Michael Imhoff).


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180,000 more vehicles to pass through the port of Lübeck

In cooperation with the Grimaldi shipping company Finnlines, the Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft (LHG) in Germany has secured a gigantic cargo loading contract. In the coming three years, LHG will handle some 60,000 more fully-assembled vehicles per annum.


The new cars will be destined for the Russian market. For this purpose, Finnlines will sail to Bronka, the deep water port in St. Petersburg (Russia) twice a week. Operations will start in January 2020. The new cars of all vehicle categories will be taken to Lübeck on the Baltic Sea mainly by train, but also by road.


LHG’s managing director Sebastian Jürgens was pleased about the international contract. “The additional business shows us that it is worth continuing to believe in the Russian market. Now we head the list of German Baltic ports in the Russian trade.”


The new terminal for forest products shortly to be opened at the port is expected to boost throughput even further. (fd)


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