• Photo: Emirates Skycargo


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30 years in Singapore

Emirates Skycargo has completed 30 years of operations in Singapore, one of the biggest cargo stations in its network. Over the years the carrier has transported an important volume of cargo, over 185,000 t just between 2014 and 2019.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Emirates Skycargo has ensured that local businesses continue to access cargo connectivity, directly to Australasia and via Dubai to Europe and the Middle East. Currently the carrier operates 15 weekly cargo flights to Singapore.


Noryate Abdul Rahman, cargo manager, Singapore, who has been with the Emirates family since Day 1 (2nd from left): "We have worked closely with the pharma manufacturers as well as the freight forwarding community over the last four years to build their trust and confidence in the reliability of our pharma product." (ah)


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