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A candid word about flag states

The Liberian Registry (LISCR), one of the major ship registers worldwide, recently pointed out that today, flag states must be proactive rather than simply fulfilling their traditional role.


At a port state control (PSC) seminar in Tokyo, Alfonso Castillero, LISCR’s VP, said, "in the current difficult market conditions, flag states can no longer afford to regard themselves as mere factories for issuing registration certificates. Shipping registers need to combine quality and innovation with tradition, experience, reputation and flexibility.”


Benson Peretti, managing director of LISCR’s Singapore office, outlined for the seminar his registry’s PSC results for the year to date, showing a reduction in detentions in China, Australia, and the USA, thanks in part to the free compliance assistance programmes implemented.


Takeshi Okamoto, general manager of LISCR Japan, went on to explain how and why LISCR is leading the global campaign to seek an extension to the implementation date for the ballast water management convention.




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