• From left: Martin Gruber and Stefan Knapp (Photo: Gruber Logistics).


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A fleet of 50 e-trucks

Decarbonisation is also the rule of the day in road transport, though it is important to do more than just talk about it. The European logistics player Gruber Logistics has confirmed its plan to acquire fifty electric vehicles for its road haulage fleet over the next two years. Furthermore, it has decided to build its own recharging infrastructure.


In recent years, the South Tyrolean company has already made use of alternative fuels deriving from biomass such as bio-LNG and biodiesel. Gruber Logistics has launched numerous tests with new technologies and acquired experience in the use of electric vehicles in the distribution sector (25 t in total weight).


“In the future we will have a mix of solutions ranging from the deployment of low-impact fuels to electric solutions and, why not, tomorrow to the use of hydrogen,” explains Stefan Knapp, executive director - fleet, referring to the company's ambition to become the spearhead of decarbonisation in the logistics and transport industry.


“Germany is the country in which we expect the greatest investments. Nevertheless, we will also use electric vehicles in Italy, Poland and the Benelux countries,” says CEO Martin Gruber.


The acquisition follows a multi-brand logic due to collaborations with Volvo, Scania and Iveco. The new vehicles will have a total weight of 44 t and a km range from 300 km to 350 km depending on actual use. (cd)




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