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A further call for decarbonisation

For Europe, short sea operator and car carrier UECC is calling upon the European Union to set “aggressive” emissions targets under its proposal to include shipping in the emissions trading system (ETS) which may significantly increase the operating costs for pollutive vessels operating in European waters.


To ease the financial burden on ship operators, the EU has proposed to phase in the measure starting from 2023 when they would be liable for 20% of their emissions, increasing to 45% in 2024, 70% in 2025 and the full amount in 2026.


UECC’s energy and sustainability manager Daniel Gent sees UECC "well-positioned", since the ro-ro operator has upgraded its fleet with hitherto two dual-fuel LNG pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) launched five years ago that meet the IMO’s goal to cut carbon intensity by 40% within 2030. Three more newbuild LNG battery hybrid dual-fuel PCTCs are being delivered this year. (sh)




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