• Photo: BlueBARGE project

12.02.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 48316

A new approach to power supply challenges

The Blue Barge project, funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe programme, aims to develop an energy barge to supply electricity to moored and anchored ships in areas with limited access to the electricity grid. With a budget exceeding EUR 11 million, the project focuses on electrification and decarbonisation, combining lithium batteries with vanadium redox flow battery technology.


Offering a modular and flexible solution, the initiative seeks to reduce emissions and circumvent the need for extensive infrastructure. Commercialisation is planned for 2030.


A prototype will be tested to ensure technical and economic viability and evaluate environmental impact. Led by ABS Hellenic Single Member and Fundación Valenciaport, the project will conduct feasibility studies and assess operational and economic aspects.


Fundación Valenciaport will lead performance checks and contribute its expertise in port operations and alternative fuels. The consortium includes twelve other European entities, ensuring a comprehensive approach. (pb)




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