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A new project team is on

The German L.I.T. Group has spun off the company's own L.I.T. Solutions to make its own projects more professional. The cross-sector team, which emerged from the business engineering department, currently has eight employees. It will provide internal support from the beginning to the end of the project, from calculation to implementation.


Klaas Lange has been appointed managing director. Powers of attorney have also been granted to senior project managers Maria Koczy and Sebastian Luks.


The independent unit within the Braker group of companies is activated when a project request turns out to be extremely complex and cannot be integrated into the structure of an existing line organisation.


In this case, Solutions’ expert team takes over the entire management of the project from the conception to customer support after the launch. Services along the entire value chain - from the development of a trailer yard to contract logistics for a confectionery manufacturer – are part of the portfolio. (sh)




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