• Photo: Iwaki Shipbuilding


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A special unit for NYK

Iwaki Shipbuilding, an affiliate of the Imabari Shipbuilding Group, completed the wood chip carrier "Stellar Harmony" for its customer, the NYK Group, in late August.


With a length of approximately 199.9 m, a width of 32.24 m and 49,500 dwt, the vessel’s loading capacity will be approximately 102,000 cbm. Based on a long-term transportation contract with Marusumi Paper, the "Stellar Harmony" will mainly transport woodchips from New Zealand, Australia, North America, and South America to Japan.


The vessel is an eco-ship that uses a main engine with specifications that improve efficiency. It will also pump up seawater on the route and collect microplastics floating in the ocean. (sh)




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