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A strong year for Bertschi

The family-owned Bertschi Group has published selected figures of its 2022 results. The Swiss group saw its volumes declining in H2/2022. Nevertheless, revenues went up by 8% to cross the threshold of 1 billion and reaching CHF 1.1 billion.


“This success is the result of, among other things, the positive development of the global transport concepts initiated in 2012 between Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East,” commented Hans-Jörg Bertschi, executive chairman of the Bertschi Group.


Digitalisation programmes and the procurement of the necessary software are in progress, for which the company has assigned a team of 80 of its own employees, including 50 software developers.


Bertschi invested CHF 120 million in sustainable logistics infrastructure and new equipment in 2022, increasing the number of its tanks and silo containers by 5% to a total of 42,000 units. (sh)




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