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A team of five to lead Kukla

In keeping with its rapid and sustained growth, the international freight forwarder Robert Kukla, headquartered in Munich (Germany), has expanded its management team from two to five people, effective 1 January 2023. Robert Kukla’s new management team now includes (from left to right) Olaf Böhm, Robert Richter, Knut Sander, Dennis Mahnecke and Axel Bohnensteffen.


Robert Kukla, a shortsea and intermodal specialist, owes its economic success to the development of its European network of associated companies in recent years.


"We are now present at twelve locations and have since tripled our group sales. For 2022, we expect sales of EUR 260 million with 180,000 units transported," says Kukla’s CEO Knut Sander. (cj)




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