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Agility's ebitda grows by 27% in H1/2019

Agility has reported that the H1/2019 earnings of 25.18 fils (KWD 0.02518) per share and the net profit of KWD 41.9 million (EUR 124 million) were up 7.7% from the same period in 2018. First-half ebitda in 2019 was KWD 95 million (EUR 281.1 million), a rise of 27%. Revenue for H1/2019 was KWD 775 million (EUR 2.3 billion), an increase of 2.5%.


Tarek Sultan, Agility vice chairman and CEO, said: “We had a good second quarter despite the tough environment we operate in. Global integrated logistics reported very good results and continues to implement its strategy to drive operational efficiency. Agility’s infrastructure companies performed well, and key initiatives in each business unit are moving ahead according to plan.” (mw)


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