• Photo: Ministry of defence, Republic of Serbia


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Air Serbia also flying aid supplies to Syria

On 1 March 2023, an Air Serbia A319 transported Serbia's first shipment containing about 6 t of food and provisions to the areas that have been most affected by the earthquake, which took place exactly one month ago today, on 6 February 2023.


Miloš Vučević, minister of defence: "I believe that in collaboration with Air Serbia and other carriers, we will be able to organise the transport of what the Syrian people need the most in the coming days and weeks."


Vučević says that the aid will be sent from Damascus to areas of Syria which the Syrian government deems in most urgent need of help.


Air Serbia CEO Jiří Marek: "Organising flights to Damascus at the moment is an extremely complex task. However, Air Serbia’s extensive experience in organising repatriation and evacuation flights has helped us a lot." (ah)




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