• Freightos' founder and CEO Zvi Schreiber (Photo: Freightos).


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Airlines boosting Freightos

Freightos, a global freight booking and payment platform, has reported its results for Q3/2022. Revenues saw an uptick of 53%, amounting to USD 4.7 million. Transactions increased to 192,000, up 28% from the second quarter. Growth was particularly strong in airline e-bookings.


A press release said: "With Emirates Skycargo joining the Webcargo platform, airlines accounting for over 40% of world capacity have some of their capacity now digitally available on Webcargo."


Zvi Schreiber, CEO, Freightos added: "The ongoing volatility and stressors in global supply chains only reinforce the need for the agility and efficiency that is delivered by a provider-agnostic booking platform." The number of transactions will exceed an annual run rate of 750,000. (sh)




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